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Celebrations of Love

Written by GLDN Team — January 15, 2023

Celebrations of Love

What is love? That’s for you to decide. Gone are the days of doing Valentine’s Day in only traditional ways. This year, we’re celebrating love in its infinite forms—from self-love to romantic love to familial love and everything in between—with super-special pieces anyone would adore well past February 14th.


For the Romantic

These pieces are for the ones who love love and celebrate it 365 days a year. You know, the passionate people with heart eyes for so many things in life! Choosing our most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts was tricky, but we narrowed it down to our sweetest styles. We especially love lockets (for filling with special treasures!), luminous pearls (that symbolize eternal love and protection!) or delicate little hearts that mean so, so much.


Memoire Ring + Flora Meuse Band

Unity Links Necklace

Flora Necklace + Micro Heart Locket

Floating Pearl Chain + Kana Earrings + Harmony Bracelet

Love Necklace

Harmony Bracelet + Initial Stud Earrings

Pieces shown (from top to bottom): Memoire Ring / Flora Meuse Band / Unity Links Necklace / Flora Necklace / Micro Heart Locket NecklaceKana Earrings / Love NecklaceHarmony Bracelet


For the Sentimentalist

Are you a total softie…or do you love someone who is? Surprise them with something that tells a personal story. Customize a piece with meaningful initials, dates, names, Roman numerals or coordinates (and add some tissues to their gift bag, just in case 😉). 

Some of our favorite ways to customize a piece: their initials, your name and theirs, coordinates of your first date location or wedding venue, the day you first met, meaningful flowers, or even a short phrase or inside joke only you would know. Personalized, one-of-a-kind jewelry is our speciality—with each tiny character or symbol lovingly stamped by hand in our shop.


For the Sentimentalist

Small Flora Necklace

Floral Frame Necklace + Bennett Necklace

Maude Heart Necklace + Monaco Necklace

Basquiat Bar Bracelet

Pieces shown (from top to bottom): Flora Ring / Flora Meuse Band / Micro Signet Ring / Micro Heart Locket Necklace / Small Flora Necklace / Floral Frame Necklace / Bennett Necklace / Maude Heart Necklace / Monaco Necklace / Basquiat Bar Bracelet


For the Self-Loving

To you, from you: little luxuries that celebrate what you love about yourself—whether it’s your passions, your strengths, your growth or some of your life’s favorite moments. We like to remind each other to love ourselves first on Valentine’s Day (something we too often forget!) and take the time to celebrate ourselves just as much as we do others.


Artemis Necklace + Three Graces Necklace

Curve Necklace + Dainty Serif Initial Necklace

Home for Love Marseille Necklace + I Am Worthy Ring

Personalized Lockets

Onaro Bracelet + Infinity Anklet

Pieces shown (from top to bottom): Artemis Necklace / Three Graces Necklace / Curve NecklaceDainty Serif Initial Necklace / Home for Love Marseille Necklace / I am Worthy RingPersonalized Lockets / Onaro Bracelet / Infinity Chain Anklet



Love is something to celebrate.

Explore our full Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to find a special treasure for you and all your loves (and sort by budget, style and more)! Each and every piece comes elegantly wrapped with letterpress goodies, a care card and polishing cloth inside—and we have a generous Happiness Guarantee just in case your gift isn't quite right.


GLDN Packaging

Cheers to love. 🥂


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