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Hoops 101: Style Your Stack

Written by GLDN Team — July 19, 2022

Hoops 101: Style Your Stack

From delicate to chunky, classic to funky, small to bold, striking silver to glimmering gold—put your signature spin on one of the jewelry world’s most iconic pieces with a stack that’s so you (and so easy to achieve!). Pencils down, class…


Lesson 1: Sizing

No two hoops are alike. A hoop’s diameter, measured in millimeters, seriously changes its entire mood and style. Compare a small, dainty hoop to a large, chunky hoop, for example—the energy could not be more different (and we wouldn’t have it any other way)!


Huggie Hoops

Cuddles your ear close*

Shop Huggies

Small Hoops

Juuuust enough shine

Shop Small

Medium Hoops

You’re getting bolder

Shop Medium

Large Hoops

The star of any stack

Shop Large


Huggie Hoops

Small Hoops

Medium Hoops

Large Hoops*Huggie tip: smaller sizes might not fit your first piercing if it’s placed high. Measure your hole position with a ruler (in the mirror!) to make sure it’s A-OK.


Lesson 2: Collections

Meet our most-adored collections you’ll be all 🥺🥺🥺 for—each with styles, sizes and metals galore. Which ones do you love most?


Everyday Hoops — Stick to the Classics

Iconic. Timeless. If a little black dress was a jewelry piece, it’d be one of these.

Light Essential Hoops
Light Essential Hoops

Styles shown: Elinor Hoops / Bessie Hoops / Harriet Hoops / Amelia Hoops


Essential Hoops

Essential Hoops

Styles shown: Elle Hoops / Farrah Hoops / Cindy Hoops / Naomi Hoops


Bold Hoops — Go for the Daring

Unexpected angles and sleek lines make your ears into modern art.

Modern Hoops

Modern HoopsStyles shown: Minnie Huggie Hoops / Lill Huggie Hoops / Eileen Hoops / Sonia Hoops


Square Hoops

Square Hoops

Styles shown: Annie Hoops / Ada Hoops / Randall Hoops


Textured HoopsFind Your Flair

Beads. Twists. Light-catching loveliness! These hoops just wanna have fun.

Twist Hoops

Twist HoopsStyles shown: Colette Hoops / Clara Hoops / Agnes Hoops / Maxine Hoops / Babs Hoops


Beaded Hoops

Beaded HoopsStyles shown: Telkes Hoops / Lamarr Hoops / Walker Hoops


Milgrain Hoops

Milgrain HoopsStyles shown: Milly Hoops / Mildred Hoops


Hammered Hoops

Hammered Hoops

Styles shown: Dawn Hoops / Reya Hoops / Celeste Hoops


Charm Hoops — Add Some Delight

Ear candy that shimmies, sways and moves with you—sparkle overload! 

Charm Hoops

Charm Hoops

Styles shown: Sia Initial Earrings / Sia Pearl Earrings / Sia Starburst Earrings / Kana Earrings


Lesson 3: Styling


Our stacking suggestions:
  1. Generally, place your largest, most prominent hoop in your first piercing and cascade from there.
  2. Jumble textures and finishes for a more dynamic look (and invite studs to the party, too)!
  3. Mix silver and gold for a stunning symphony of cool and warm tones—it’s like yin and yang.
  4. Add movement and shine with charms. (Extra credit: engrave them with a special memento!)
  5. Opt for solid, tarnish-resistant 14k solid gold if you want to keep your hoops on 24/7.

And, of course, break any of the above rules if you so wish—we want you to do you!


Now onto the fun — choose your styling muse:


The Mixologist

Gold, silver and texture, oh my!

The Mixologist

Styles shown: Agnes Hoops / Mildred Hoops / Minnie Huggie Hoops / Eileen Hoops


The Charmer

Throw a pearl party this summer.

The Charmer

Styles shown: Sia Starburst Earrings / Sia Pearl EarringsMinnie Huggie Hoops Kana Earrings


The Shapeshifter

Why should circles have all the fun?

The Shapeshifter

Styles shown: Lill Huggie Hoops / Eileen Hoops / Minnie Huggie Hoops / Ada Hoops / Walker Hoops


The Maximalist

For the days when more is more...

The Maximalist

Styles shown: Telkes Hoops / Sia Pearl Earrings / Sonia Hoops / Elle Hoops / Farrah Hoops / Cindy Hoops


The Minimalist

...or when just a stud and a hoop will do.

The Minimalist

Styles shown: Heart Stud Earrings / Cindy Hoops / Minnie Huggie Hoops / Lill Huggie Hoops 


Hoop, there it is—time to bring your signature stack to life.

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