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Creating an Indoor Plant Oasis With Local Plant Shop Baby Greens

Written by GLDN Team — September 14, 2020

Creating an Indoor Plant Oasis With Local Plant Shop Baby Greens

We invited our friends at Baby Greens, our local plant shop here in Bellingham, to talk about what they do best – greenery. Simple indoor plants can bring so much energy and life to your space, turning your home or office into a jungle oasis. They joined us to share some simple steps you can add into your routine to keep your plants thriving and your space green as can be.




One of our favorite ways to start each morning at the shop is by increasing the humidity for all of our tropical plants. Some simple ways to do this at home are to lightly mist your plants or use a humidifier to keep your lush tropical plants hydrated and their leaves in their best condition. All of your plants originating from the rainforests and jungles around the world will love you for the extra care to replicate the humidity of their home environments.




Our house plants use their energy to either repair or to grow. If there are leaves or sections of your plant that are damaged or not doing well, your plant will be using its energy attempting to repair these areas rather than producing new growth.  Prune back your plant often to keep only the best leaves and stems and you will experience fuller, healthier growth!


Care Routines

Incorporate your plant care into your favorite self-care routines. Set a simple habit of checking in with your plants 1-2 times a week. We love to do this in the evenings with a glass of wine and our favorite playlist, watering what is thirsty, pruning where needed and propagating plants to grow more. Make time to really enjoy the process. Whether you do it in the mornings before work, after your afternoon nap, or in the evening with a face mask, incorporate your favorite happy moments into your plant care routine. 



Play with the varying colors, textures and growth patterns of your plants. They originate from all over the world and each bring a unique design element to your space. Get creative with the ways in which you group them together, or allow them to stand alone as a statement piece. Plants are unique and ever changing as they grow- allow yourself the freedom to try new combinations and placements as the seasons change or as your style preferences shift.



Houseplants are for everyone. Watching, learning and listening to the needs and preferences of each plant will ensure you are caring for them in their own unique ways. If you ever find yourself in Bellingham, stop by our shop and say hi!
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