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Mae Pearl Charm Kit Sets

Customizable pearl jewelry set

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Handcrafted within 4-7 business days Handcrafted within 4-7 business days
Our Mae Pearl Charm Kit makes each piece feel true to you. Bring a touch of opulence to everything in your jewelry box with five interchangeable pearl shapes. Wear these charms solo or together for a custom look, every time.

Jewelry Size Reference

Bracelet length: 6-7”
Necklace length: 15-17”

Bracelet length: 6.5-7.5”
Necklace length: 17-19”

Bracelet length: 7-8”
Necklace length: 19-21”

Enter custom lengths for your bracelet and necklace in the special request field.
Product Details
Necklaces adjustable by 2"
Bracelets adjustable by 1"
20mm endless hoops
Sets that contain hoops come with two sets of five pearls
14k Gold Filled
Ease of care: 4/5

A practical balance between cost and quality, our gold-filled pieces have a thick layer of 14k gold, heat and pressure bonded to a high-quality brass core. They contain much more real gold than regular gold-plating.

Sterling Silver
Ease of care: 5/5

Solid, precious metal that lasts forever. It darkens with time, but can be polished up. Oils from your skin help prevent silver tarnish... so wear it often!

Want even more details about materials? Check this out.

Return Policies

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Remakes or Repairs

Free up to 6 months for most items or 3 years for Solid Gold (For older orders, pricing varies). Processing time: 1-2 weeks.

Returns and Exchanges
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Final Sale
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Raw materials
100% USA sourced
Made from recycled 

gold and silver
Handmade for you
in our WA. studio